Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Bad With The Good.

I am not happy with my latest journaling efforts but I wanted to post them even though I'm not pleased with them.  Not everything turns out as I expected it to.

 This page started out with the ink from another page.  I believe I used a stencil and put the negative on this paper (The yellow).  Then I put distress ink on the background with a blending tool.  I used a border stamp in a blue just slightly different. The butterfly is the negative of the butterfly stencil below.  I then added stamping from a polka dot stamp.  I cut the two black fans using a Cricut Ornamental Iron II cartridge and glued them on.

This was an attempt at a method I saw on a video today.  Mine didn't turn out anything like what I saw.  That happens when you forget the process that you saw and leave steps out.  I also tried to mask the butterfly images the way I saw on the video and Do Not Like the results.  My lines are too straight and stark.  The video made it look so simple.

This is simply the butterfly stencil/mask that I recently bought and I couldn't wait to use it.  Not sure what else I will do with this but the stencil sure is nice.

I was playing around with my inktense water color pencils and drew this.  I really, really love these pencils.  I added some doodle details with a fine tip ball point pen.  The saying in the heart was from a stamp.  I cannot write that pretty.

 I like how this one turned out.  I sprayed the background using various Dylusions sprays through various stencil.  I also used the "ghosting technique" by spraying water through the stencil, letting it sit for a few second and patting it dry with a paper towel.  I stamped randomly over the background.  I used modeling paste through a bird stencil.  When it dried, I painted it using my watercolor pencils.  I brushed the pencil tip with the water brush and applied it to the bird. I outlined the  bird with a black micron pen.  I did the lettering in pencil first (it was very hard to see on the colorful background.  Sometimes I had to hold it at an angle to the light so I could see)  Then I went over it using a black sharpie.  I finished it using my white Signo pen to highlight.

 This is a background that was crated simply because I was playing with some stencils.  Not sure what I'll do with it.

I bought some stamps on the clearance isle and played with them.  I may add more to this some other time.  One thing I learned from this was that I should probably use blue ink for the clouds and maybe yellow for the sun and the one house that is solid....maybe pick a bright ink color for it.  I colored everything with my Copic markers.

I saw some zentangle dangles and thought I would give it a try.  The ink at the bottom is over spray from another page.  Ooops.

I can hear you now, "What the ....." Well....I bought a stamp of a crown and thought that I would stamp it in black and emboss it using silver embossing powder.  I thought it would look cool.  It didn't turn out as cool as  it looked in my head.  I have some ideas to add to this page so maybe all is not lost.


  1. I think you did a really good job on all of it. You shouldn't your self up so much. The zen tangles make me want to try them. They look really fun. As for the stark butterfly lines. It may just be the colors you used. You could always use gesso over the whole thing to tone it fun.

  2. I get an idea in my head how something is going to turn out and then it doesn't look anything like I thought and I get disappointed. The video that I watched, stamped a butterfly and then embossed it and colored it in. Then they did the background using stamps and stencils. She masked the stamped butterfly by tearing paper and held it over while she sprayed. When I did it, you can see how the paper I used to hold over the butterfly was a straight line, thus creating a straight spray line. It's hard to explain. But thanks for the comment.