Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spending Spree...Big Smile!

The first picture is a picture of all my loot.  The next few pictures I broke up my stash so you could get a closer look.

I took the last one so that you could see the side of the crate that I bought at Michael's for $4.00 (not on sale).  I plan to paint it the same white as the trim in my craft room.  Then I will have a nice neat place to store my embossing folders.  I love it!  Now it is time to play with some of my new toys.


  1. Looks fun!! Wish I were there to play. I would have to have a box with a closed bottom. I have some of the embossing folders that are really small for borders. They would fall right through that. I do like it though. Maybe I could put a piece of cardboard on the bottom. Have fun playing with all those goodies.

  2. I have the same small ones for borders and they do fall through. So, I either have to store them in another place or try the cardboard in the bottom as you suggest.

    I wish you were her too.