Sunday, February 28, 2016

I've Been Up To Something New......For Me Anyway!

My sister sent me a pin through Pinterest of this VIDEO for making "Flower Bead Charms".  I had no intentions of making any type of jewelry or charms.  Fist thing is that I just don't wear jewelry, so what would the point be to make any?  And second, I thought that it was too complicated for me AND did I really need another craft area that would cause me to spend more money and add to my already over stuffed craft room?  WELL....after watching the video and seeing how easy she made it look, I got excited and went to the store and bought out the bead and jewelry making supplies.  LOL.

The thing is, my sister (who live way too far away from me) has always added charms and dangles to her scrapbooks and I have always loved the look and feel of them.  Visit her blog HERE to see her work.  BUT, I didn't think that I would be able to do it....until the video.  I love these dangles and each one will find a home on a journal or key chain.

This was my first attempt and I LOVE IT.  I was so proud of myself and love the look of it.  It's so vintage looking.
 Then came this dangle that will be added to something

This will be added to a key chain.  See that Lobster Claw clasp, yeah I did that (smile).

As I was looking at all the selections in the bead section, I found these wings that looked like dragonfly wings.  So, I decided to make one.  So adorable!

I was into making crazy quilts for a while and I had some beads from that project.  Making spiders on crazy quilts is considered good luck.  These beads were intended for that purpose.  However, they are now turned into some other kind of bug.  I don't know WHAT kind of bug but if that was flying around me, I'd be sure to scream.  I only like fake bugs!

This is a group shot of everything that I have made so far.  But you can bet that I will be making more and showing them off on my blog.  Thank you Vickie for sharing that with me.

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