Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stamps and Doodles!

So, I'll start off by saying, I don't like how the background turned out.  But I love everything else.  The flowers are from a single stamp that I stamped three times using a mask.  Then I doodled in the rest.  I colored it in with markers.  Now here is where it went bad...I tried to use water color markers for the background.  I don't think I would get the hang of using them even with a lot of practice.


  1. You're to hard on yourself. I like the background. I love the colors and the flowers. I don't think I've seen that stamp before, is it new? LOVE IT!!!!

  2. I've had it for a while. I can't remember when or where I got it. I'm sure it was either Michael's or Joanne's. If I were to do this over I would have made the flourishes the same length as the ones on the sides. It would have made the drawing look more uniform. When I doodled it, I did the top and bottom ones first. Hind sight is 20/20.