Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gelato Background.

This page isn't finished but it is as far as I completed before I became stuck as to what to add to it.  I waited a day or two thinking that something might come to me but it hasn't.  So, when inspiration hits me, I will complete it.

I started out by painting the page with Gesso.  Then I stamped the cone flower three times.  I had to extend the stem of the longest one by using a micron pen.  Then I started coloring the bottom flower to the right with H2O paints.  I felt like I lost a lot of the detail of the flower so I used my Copic markers on the other two.  I still lost detail so I went over it with a black Micron pen.  This still didn't make the flowers stand out so I switched to a white Signo pen.  I scribbled blue, turquoise and yellow Gelatos on the background and then rubbed and blended the colors with my fingers.  I took a black Gelato and scribbled around the flowers and again blended with my fingers.  I added the Dylusions leaf stamp to the flowers and then randomly stamped the background with a circle background stamp.  It definitely needs something above the flowers.  A quote or ...something, but like I said nothing has inspired me so this is it until that happens.


  1. I really like what you did. The colors are beautiful and I love that flower stamp (do I have that one?) lol I like the white signo pen outline too.

  2. Thanks, I liked it too. The few times that I used the Gelato's, I used water with them, which gave a water color effect. I have seen this method a couple times and thought I would give it a try. No, you don't have that stamp. LOL! I just bought it. They only had one but I will keep a look out for it for you.