Saturday, March 2, 2013

While Visiting My Sister...

 This is the little binder that my sister made for me while I was visiting her.  I added the lace down the side and two rose buttons.  You can see her book HERE.

 This is the inside of the binder.  It holds all of my labels for my Tim Holtz Dies.  Now I have all of them in one nice neat place.  Now I can reference a picture of the dies and go to  my shelf and grab the die I want.  It sure beats keeping them in the original packaging and fighting the packaging every time I wanted to use them.
I was thinking of putting this little lady from the Graphic 45, Ladies Diary paper, on the front of my book.  I cut her out and covered her in Glossy Accents.  She isn't quite try yet so she still looks a little murky.  However, I am not happy with how she looks so far.  There are a lot of air bubbles.  I'll let it dry over night and decide in the morning weather to use it or not.

This is the newly acquired little shelf that I added to my room, the one to the right of the drawers.  They hold all of my dies.  Behind my computer are the wood shelves that my husband made for me to store my Copic markers.  Eventually I will paint them white but I was too excited to use them.  I love them and the top makes more room to store my Distress ink pads.

My sister and I discovered a new method for a faux copper patina look.  We made the clock face and embossed it while I was visiting her.  I added the clock to my journal and made this page.  I gessoed the paper and then painted it with Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze, Nutmeg.  I stamped the background using a variety of stamps from my collection.  I stenciled a clock face and clock hands using Ferro Graphite metal.  I glued the clock face to the page and added patches of acrylic paint dauber "Pool" to pick up the patina of the copper clock face.  Now every time I look at this page I will be reminded of the fun I had while visiting my sister.

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  1. I see a few things I don't have in these pictures, lol. Your page came out well. And we both made that binder. I couldn't have done it with out you nor would I want to :). As for the shelves you have for your dies. pretty cool find. You should get a little basket to put on the floor so it will be easier for you to pull out what ever you put there. Just a suggestion.