Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My First Attepts at Postcard Art

When I went to visit my sister in Florida, we went on some mad shopping sprees for craft items and she introduced me to alcohol inks.  I have been browsing the postcards that so many talented artists have posted on the web and I wanted to try my hand at it.  When I returned home, I thought making a postcard would be the perfect medium for playing with my newly purchased ink

I used watercolor paper and cut it to measure 4" x 6".  The size of a standard postcard. Then I  inked the background to look like grass and blue sky.  I used a rubber stamp and stamped another shade of blue over the sky to give it texture.  I did the same thing for the grass.  I cut out the girl and the bird from some graphics that I had and glued them in place.  I typed the words, printed them, cut them and inked them.  Then I glued them in place.  I think that it turned out pretty good for a first try.  It makes me happy to look at it.


This is my second attempt and I came up with this idea from the Sunday Postcard Art Website  There theme was Rusty Old Barn, which made me think of the old time barn dance.  I thought it would be clever to have the animals dancing.  Well, it was amusing to me and made me giggle.

They have a wonderful site and some fantastic artwork is displayed.  If you haven't visited the site, grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy.

I wasn't going to post this one because when I did it, I didn't like it.  I was experimenting with inks and stamps.  I set it aside as a bust, until I recently found it in my stack of papers and I thought, hmm, where did this come from. It's kind of cool.

These first attempts are pretty simple and I hope to get a little more detail in them and more daring with each new try.  Now that I know that I can doodle, I might add some more of my own handiwork to them.

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