Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kiss A Frog?

Since it was cold, rainy and snowy, I couldn't work in the yard.  That meant, time in the craft room.  Yeah!  I had an idea a while ago and was able to put it all together today.

I started by collaging the background with the intent of making it look like a pond.  I used Tim Holtz Crazing medium.  I applied it using my finger because I saw a video where it seemed to craze better that way.  The brush marks seem to cause the medium to craze less.  I had to wait a long time for it to dry and wasn't very patient about it, BUT, it was worth it because it did "Craze" and added nice texture to the background.

I took two pictures.  This one with a flash, which ended up getting washed out.

And this one that is slightly blurry but you can see the true colors better.

I found this vintage Photo on the Internet and I just bought a pad of scrapbook paper called Once Upon a Time.  When I saw this page: the pad, I had the idea for this page.  The rest is History.  I used water color pencils to colorize the little girl and I cut out wild flowers using Tim Holtz Wild Flowers die.  I added Stickles to the flowers, glued everything in place and shaded using Pitt Big Brush pens.

This is "almost" finished, without a flash.

With a flash.

Then I decided to add a dragonfly (Tim Holtz Dragonfly Die) to the picture.

This is with a flash.

This makes me giggle when I look at it.

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