Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Little Organization.

I decided that I needed to do a little organizing of my stash.  So I pulled out a shelf that my husband made for my son, to store his DVD's.  My son has since moved out and the shelf has been sitting in the garage collecting dust.  The original plan (for me) was to paint it white to match the other accessories in my room, but I just can't get myself to paint over the beautifully stained oak.  So, instead of staying in procrastination mode, I decided to use it "as is" and set it on top of an antique table in my craft room.

The table top is a little warped.  If you look real close, you can see the cardboard that I used to shim the bottom right side of the shelf, to stop it from wobbling.  Also, you can see the carpet squares that are intended to be used for the room (more procrastination).

 This is a close up of the top two shelves.  You can see my Tim Holtz dies on the left and some of my embossing folders on the right.

This is a picture of the bottom two selves.  The bottom shelf holds my cricut cartridges and the DVD cases that I use to store my loose stamps in.  I love it.  Now I can see all my stamps, which will help when I am working on projects.  I didn't realize I had as many stamps as I did!

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  1. Very well done Anne!!! I love it. If I can ever get my garage cleared Jake said he would make me the "behind the door" shelves to put my stamps on. Right now it's too crowded in the garage to work on anything. I think it looks fantastic. You could hang it on the wall right over that table so you don't use up your work surfaces. It would still tie into the cohesive look with the table. :)