Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good Day For Journaling

Here are the latest entries in my Art Journal.  I have been trying to work under the concept that "there are no mistakes" in Art Journaling.  This is very difficult for me as my "inner critique" is didn't mean to do that, what were you thinking. This leads me to the first entry below....

 I completed this page and was very happy with the way it turned out.  I love the bird with the extra long legs, singing out to the world. I love the colorful flowers and the borders that I was trying to incorporate.  This was my first attempt at this lettering method and I thought it came out very nice.  The page was beautiful.  Then.... The mail came and I received the Dylusion Ink Sprays that I had impatiently been waiting for and proceeded to try them immediately...on the next page in my journal...I didn't realize how much they would bleed through the page <sheepish grin>.  Thus the big ink blobs on this page and the green polka dots on the girls face.  The ink blobs I can live with but the polka dots make the girl look like she is ill.  Very, very hard for me to think..."there are no mistakes" and..."I didn't mean for it to turn out this way, but I like it" because, I' don't really like it.


This is the page that I did that ruined the previous page.  My sister was up for a visit and had just returned home.  I was missing her and wishing that she lived closer.  She has a thing for Owls and I was feeling a bit silly and came up with this page.   I love it!  I love the colors, I love the new  Dylusions "Further Around The Edge" leave stamp, I love the owls, the girl, the highlights on the leaves, everything.  I am so glad that I bought the Dylusion inks.  They are beautiful and I am so glad that I got them.

I used the Dylusion sprays on this background but I was a little trigger happy and sprayed a bit too much.  I didn't like the way the colors blended so I painted the page with Gesso, thinking that I would start over again.  Turns out that the water based ink sprays didn't cover as well once the Gesso was on the page.  I then switched to alcohol inks, which worked great.  I stamped the bottom of the page with a flower stamp using archival ink.  Then I used markers to color the flowers. I stenciled the tree, drew some bees and added a butterfly sticker that I found in my stash.  I added a bird from some pictures I found through Google and added the saying, which is a subtle reminder to myself.

I wanted to play with lettering and I also wanted to keep a list of supplies that I felt my sister needed to have.  I thought this would be a good way to have some ideas for Christmas presents this year. I started by cutting some scrapbook paper to cover the page because the ink from the previous page bled thru so badly.  Then I drew some lines with a pencil and drew the Title in pencil.  I traced over the pencil letters with a black marker and added the detail.  I will continue to add things to our wish list as I find things that we "need" and once the page is full, I will erase the pencil lines.  As a last thought, I used Perfect Pearls and stamped the little sparrow in the upper right corner.  I think he is very cute.

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  1. So good. You have really done a great job and your art journaling has come a long way. Sooo do I buy the dylusions or wait??? lol